Wright Family

Meet the Wright family: John (dad), Kimberly (mom), Justin (big brother and Type 1 warrior), Seth (brother and proud red-head), Cooper (little brother), and Anabelle (princess and little sister). We are a little loud, quick to laugh and crack jokes, and very thankful for the role model Justin is to our whole family. Justin was in DKA with a blood glucose of 983 when he was diagnosed on July 4, 2015 on a family vacation. Life stopped us short in our tracks and we did what we do in times of crisis: we locked arms and stood together in love and prayer. Since Justin’s diagnosis we have continued to laugh and serve and stretch to new goals. We hope to show newly diagnosed families that they will be okay too, and offer the support and encouragement that is often needed in this disease. In between our times with Type 1 families and friends, we run between football, wrestling or track meets, gymnastic lessons, church activities or sneaking off to see the latest block buster movie, fighting over popcorn in the top row. We are proud to be sharing Beyond Type 1 from here in the Kansas City area.