Jen Hanson


Jen Hanson is a registered kinesiologist, a certified teacher, and wilderness guide. She received a Master of Education degree examining the impact of experiential diabetes education and the role of community. Jen spends her days as the Executive Director of Connected in Motion, developing outdoor adventure and sport experiences for adults with Type 1 diabetes. She is an elementary lead staff with Children with Diabetes, a Faculty Member with the International Diabetes Federation’s Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme, and an outdoor educator with ALIVE Outdoors. Jen has worked as a teacher at both the elementary and secondary levels. In her free time, Jen enjoys traveling, backpacking and adventuring. In recent years, she has completed the West Coast Trail, the Inca Trail, the Long Range Traverse and several treks throughout Western Canada. In 2012, Jen was named the Reader’s Choice Adventurer of the Year by explore Magazine.