Courtney Taylor


Courtney Taylor is a transformational educator, activist, and mother who has and continues to inspire hundreds of students in her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to follow their dreams—whatever they may be. Ms. Taylor started out with the Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA program before becoming a classroom teacher, a teacher leader, district administrator at Southwest Leadership Academy, Russell Byers, Mastery (Douglass campus and Central Office) Charter Schools. She will be the school founder and leader at the future Chisholm & DuBois Empowerment Charter School via her School Launch Partner role at Jounce Partners. As the CEO of The Chase Away Diabetes Foundation, Courtney advocates for children like her son, Chase, living with Type 1 diabetes while raising awareness and influencing Diabetes advocacy. Her organization marries her passions for supporting the children of Philadelphia and finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Since 2014, Courtney has partnered with politicians, athletes, and anyone willing to support to provide students in Philadelphia with free school supplies, haircuts and styles, and fun activities before the start of the school year. The summer of 2018 she launched a free reading camp for students who met her in Philadelphia parks to borrow books and eat healthy snacks once a week. As a teacher, literacy specialist, and instructional coach, Courtney presents students and teachers with engaging and challenging learning environments to grow and flourish. She’s an inspiration to many within and beyond her field. After launching a K-8 charter school, Courtney has her eyes on Federal Levels of Educational Leadership and all of her former students and colleagues support her and anticipate witnessing how she will continue to transform education in our cities and ultimately, our country. Courtney Taylor is a movement!