Chris “The Grumpy Pumper” Aldred


Chris, or Grumps as he is known, is a diabetes advocate and speaker from the UK. Grumps was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes in 1994 at the age of 25.

In 2016 Grumps was diagnosed with a diabetes-related complication and quickly realized that the blame, shame and stigma associated complications was stopping people with diabetes talking freely about such things. Since then he has been working to remove the stigma under the campaign of #TalkAboutComplications to raise awareness and educate people living with diabetes about the importance of risk reduction and as published articles written with Renza Scibilia on language and complications for diatribe, Plaid Magazine and the BMJ.

Grumps is a regular speaker at global diabetes conferences and events and is widely considered to be a global diabetes advocate. The conferences and events that Chris has participated in include:

He is a board member of IDF Europe and was featured the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2019.