Ryan Reed


Ryan was diagnosed with Type 1 at 17 years old, at the time he moved from his hometown of Bakersfield, California to Charlotte, North Carolina to start the 2011 race season. Initially told he would have to give up racing, meeting with endocrinologist Dr. Anne Peters turned things around and Ryan returned to North Carolina with his diabetes team joining his race team. In 2015, Ryan became the first documented Type 1 to win a NASCAR top series race at Daytona, and had another win there followed in 2017. As a member of the GAC, Ryan joins other active and tech savvy Type 1s who serve as role models, mentors, educators and influencers in the Type 1 space. “I am extremely excited to work with Beyond Type 1 for years to come,” said Ryan. “Their innovative approach to bringing awareness and fundraising to fight for a cure of T1D is second to none!”