Brzozowski Family


Samantha Brzozowski serves as Chair of the Leadership Council’s Outreach Committee. Type 1 Diabetes was not a stranger to the Brzozowski Family when their daughter, Vivian, was diagnosed on January 24th, 2016 at 2 years of age. Jerry (a.k.a. Daddy) has been living beyond the disease since April of 1996. He was diagnosed upon graduation from high school before starting at Texas A&M University where he graduated with a DVM & MBA. He has since become the owner of a small animal practice, and even though denied upon multiple occasions due to diabetes, he has taken on one of his lifelong dreams of becoming a pilot. How he lives his life has become the foundation for how their family lives with this disease. Samantha (a.k.a.Mommy) left the management side of Jerry’s practice to manage Vivian’s care as well as carefully keeping an eye on their youngest daughter Evelyn who has begun to show the early signs of Type 1 diabetes. Big brother Hayden has become a champion at advocating for his family while navigating through his high school years. Together as a family, they don’t allow the obstacles of this disease to stop them from living every day to its fullest. They embrace the challenge and roll with the punches. When moments of definitions and stereotypes confront them, they use them to educate and advocate With a little bit of wild (in the shape of a toddler) and a whole lot of fearlessness; they want to help change the way the world looks at Type 1 Diabetes.